Permanent makeup is, above all, time-saving and extremely convenient.

✅ Highest quality world class pigments such as Perma Blend, Tina Davies or QUANTUM.

✅ Completed the courses at Aleksandra Górecka PMU Institute, courses by Paulina Osinkowska and Tina Davies.

✅ Shape and color of the pigment choosed individually to achieve the NATURAL effect!

Permanent makeup treatment is not only the cost of the pigment or the needle.

The price of permanent makeup includes not only the time needed to make it, but also professional equipment, expensive training and certificates.

You HAVE be sure that the person performing the procedure has knowledge of:

❣️Pigmentology (selects the right dye between organic or inorganic for the type of skin, so that you do not get blue or orange eyebrows in the end)

❣️Pigmentation techniques – selecting the method for the type of skin, obtaining a natural end result

❣️Experience – number of pigmentations

❣️Knowledge – by investing in trainings, symposia and courses, I do it for my clients so that I can professionally and substantively explain all processes taking place during the pigmentation.

❣️❣️❣️ I choose quality and safety ❣️❣️❣️

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